Chroma Luna Designs - your source for hundreds of  FaceBook comments, greetings, graphics, pictures, glitter, photos and lots of other fun stuff.
Chroma Luna Designs - your source for hundreds of  FaceBook comments, greetings, graphics, pictures, glitter, photos and lots of other fun stuff.


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ChromaLuna FaceBook Greeting Cards
  The source for thousands of FaceBook Greeting Cards, eCards, Comments and graphics. Useable on all social networks, personal web pages and blogs.


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Chroma Luna has a large selection Facebook Comments, Glitter Graphics, HTML codes, Photo Albums, Customizable Comments, and Images to decorate and "Pimp" up your Facebook profile. You can also use these materials for Xanga, Friendster or any other social networking or dating web site. You can even use these themes and comments in your emails, instant messaging or to decorated you blog or web site. We have sections emphasizing holidays, days of the week, pets and animal lovers. We have an especially large selection of Christmas and Holiday Facebook greetings and christmas cards. Hundreds of new comments are added every week, so stop by often to check out our latest offerings.


FaceBook Animated Greeting Cards, Comments and Graphics

Valentines Heart - Animated Spinning

 Happy MLK Day, Ground Hog Day, Valentine's Day, Mardi Graw, St. Patrick's Day and Happy Birthday to Everyone on Facebook, MySpace,  Bebo, Hi5, Friendster, and Goggle+

Shamrock - Spinning animated

MySpace Happy Birthday Comments - Animated Butterfy
Facebook Happy Birthday Comments

MySpace Happy Birthday Comments - Animated Fairy
Facebook Happy Birthday Comments

MySpace Happy Birthday Comments - Animated Birthday Cake
Facebook Happy Birthday Comments

MySpace Happy Birthday Comments - Animated Balloons
Facebook Happy Birthday Comments

MySpace Happy Birthday Comments - Animated Birthday Present
Facebook Happy Birthday Comments

MySpace Happy Birthday Comments - Animated Butterfy
Facebook Happy Birthday Comments

MySpace Happy Birthday Comments - Animated Balloons
Facebook Happy Birthday Comments

MySpace Happy Spring Comment - Stylized Plants
Facebook Happy Spring Comments

MySpace Happy Summer Comment - Sun Smiley Face
Facebook Happy Summer Comments

MySpace Fall Comments - Animated Autumn Leaves
Facebook Happy Fall Comments

MySpace Happy Winter animated Snow Flake
Facebook Happy Winter Comments

MySpace NFL Team Comments - animated football comments
Facebook NFL Comments Comments (All teams)

MySpace NFL Team Comments - animated football comments
Facebook NFL Comments Comments (All teams)

MySpace Metalic Balloons Birthday Comment
Facebook Happy Birthday Comment

MySpace Animated Birthday Cake Comment
Facebook Happy Birthday Comment

MySpace Orange Reflecting Rose Birthday Comment
Facebook Happy Birthday Comment

MySpace NASCAR Animated Checkered Flag Comment
Facebook NASCAR Comments and Car Racing Number Decals

MySpace Fantasy Art Birthday Comment - Animated Fairy with Wings
Facebook Fantasy Art Comments

At Chromaluna Designs, you will find everything you need to send greetings and comments to your Friends on Facebook, MySpace, Friendster, Hi5, Orkut and Facebook. You will also find everything you need to decorate your profile on your favorite social networking site. We have Comments for virtually every occasion, including Holiday Comments, Happy Birthday Comments, Cat and Dog comments, Sports Comments, Astrology Comments and dozens of other categories.
At ChromaLuna we also have Facebook codes  that range from Facebook Cursors, glitter graphics, simple images, words, phrases, pictures, designs, photographs, and more complex interesting abstract art and animations. By posting these materials on Facebook can make your personal-internet spaces more attractive and interesting, and help you make a statement about who you are, what you think and your vision of the world. All materials are free of charge.

MySpace Sexy Certificate Comment
Facebook Hot and Sexy Comments

Why post ordinary comments when you can customize your comments with your own picture and message??

With our customizable comments, you can insert any picture from your own computer in just seconds. You can choose from hundreds of ready- made images or use your own creativity to create your own. When you are finished customizing, you just paste the code into your profile, comment or email and your special image will appear.

MySpace Customizable Wanted Poster Comment
Click Here for Facebook Customizable comments

Popular Categories

MySpace Customizable Comment Generator Photo album

 Facebook Customizable Comments. In this section you will find customizable Facebook Comments. These include customizable Photo Albums that allow you to post your favorite pictures in beautiful frames. We also have customizable comments and greetings. The most fun part is that we have funny, silly and even beautiful images that you can customize with your own face or the face of your friends and family. Our tools make it easy to customize and yet they are powerful enough to produce the most stunning graphics.

MySpace Some Bunny Loves You Comments

Facebook Comments. This section contains Facebook Hello Comments, How are you Comments, Sending Some Love Comments, Facebook Thank You Comments, with codes, images and Glitter Graphics for every occasion. Whether you are just saying hello or want to express a mood, a thought, an idea or a philosophy, we have the perfect comment.

MySpace Peace Off Attitude Comments

Facebook Attitude Comments. This section contains Facebook Attitude Comments, Sassy Comments, Quips and Comebacks to tease, push back or just plain give somebody a hard time. We also have Facebook Jokes and Witty Comments in this section

MySpace Birthday Balloons Comment

Facebook Happy Birthday Comments. Send Happy Birthday Comments to your friends on Facebook. Let your friends know you remembered them on that special day.

Facebook Love and Romance Comments. Love makes the world go round, so tell your sweetheart a how you feel with one of our animated comments and graphics.

MySpace Holiday Comments

Facebook Holiday CommentsWe have Facebook Holiday Comments for all major and minor holidays.  With over 50 major and minor holidays covered, we have a full compliment of Facebook holiday greetings for every season.

MySpace Animated Cursors Rubics Cube

MySpace Animated Cursors Bicycle

MySpace Animated Butterfly Cursors

MySpace Animated Animals Cursors

Facebook Cursors & Animated Cursors. We have the best cursors on the internet. More than 90% of our cursors are animated. They include lots of Teddy Bears, Pandas, Butterflies, Music Cursors,  Smiley-Face Cursors, Sports Cursors and many more categories. They are perfect for Pimping your Profile

MySpace Sports Comments

Facebook Sport Comments.  This section contains Facebook Sports Comments. We have comments for specific teams as well as general sports comments for various types of sports. With our sports comments, glitter graphics and codes, you can express your feelings whether you are a winner or a loser.

MySpace Days of The Week Comments

Facebook Days of the Week Comments. In this section you will find Facebook Comments for every day of the week. We also have general comments that work for any day, plus weekend comments. Cheer up someone's day by posting one of our comments.

MySpace Animal and Pets Comments

Facebook Animal & Pet Lover Comments. This section contains Facebook Cat Comments and Facebook Dog Comments, plus lots of Facebook Thank You notes, codes and Glitter graphics for your animal friends. Facebook is a real haven for all kinds of animals and animal lovers, so express your love for your furry friends with these comments.

MySpace Libra Astrology-Zodiac Comment

Facebook Astrology & Zodiac Comments. This section contains Astrology and Zodiac comments and graphics. Express your true celestial nature by posting one of Astrology comments on your profile.

MySpace Patriotic Comments

Facebook Patriotic Comments  This sections contain Facebook Patriotic Comments. Express your feelings about your country, your flag, and the men and women who serve her by posting our Facebook Patriotic Comments.

MySpace Cool Graphics

Facebook Cool Graphics. In this section you will find cool designs and images for decorating your profile and to accent one of your comments.
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