Chroma Luna Designs - your source for hundreds of  FaceBook comments, greetings, graphics, pictures, glitter, photos and lots of other fun stuff.
Chroma Luna Designs - your source for hundreds of  FaceBook comments, greetings, graphics, pictures, glitter, photos and lots of other fun stuff.


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ChromaLuna FaceBook Greeting Cards
  The source for thousands of FaceBook Greeting Cards, eCards, Comments and graphics. Useable on all social networks, personal web pages and blogs.


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Chroma Luna has a large selection MySpace Comments, Glitter Graphics, HTML codes, Photo Albums, Customizable Comments, and Images to decorate and "Pimp" up your MySpace profile. You can also use these materials for Xanga, Friendster or any other social networking or dating web site. You can even use these themes and comments in your emails, instant messaging or to decorated you blog or web site. We have sections emphasizing holidays, days of the week, pets and animal lovers. We have an especially large selection of Christmas and Holiday MySpace greetings and christmas cards. Hundreds of new comments are added every week, so stop by often to check out our latest offerings. >

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

1. Why is Chromaluna better? There are several reasons. First we host all our own material, so there is no risk of losing your background, layouts or comments. Second, we do not insert secret or additional advertising in our material. Third, there is no spy ware, viruses or any dangerous materials. Finally, we do not use other people's material.

2. Why is it important to host your own material? Many web sites use third party sites such as Photobucket to host their material. This saves them the expense of having fast servers and a high-bandwidth connection to the internet. The problem is that sites like Photobucket only allow personal materials. Eventually, the third party site will cut off access and delete the content. At that point, your all the materials in your profile, all your comments and postings will disappear.

3. What dangerous materials. Some web sites that offer graphics for your profile, will try to exploit your computer and plant Spyware, viruses and other dangerous material when you visit them. Some of them include Spyware in the comments and materials you post on your site. This allows them track who visits your site and cause problems with your profile. Chromaluna's web site is guaranteed to be safe. We only work with the most reputable advertisers, so there is never any danger of Spyware or Viruses.

4. What is secret advertising? When you paste code into your profile, it can contain almost anything. In some instances, people will put advertising and secret links in the code. If one of your friends accidentally clicks on the wrong place in your profile, they can be taken another web page with almost any content.

At Chromaluna, our codes are guaranteed to contain no additional advertising and no secret links. Our codes only contain a link back to the Chromaluna site, so that people can look at our materials.

5. What about copyrights? We create all own images using our own specially designed tools and programs. We do use some public sources such the US Government, but you can be sure that all the copyrights are free and clear and there is no risk in posting them or using them.

6. What is Chroma Luna Designs? Chroma Luna Designs is a group of artists, designers and programmers who have come together to create interesting, exciting or just plain Cool images for the internet. We all love the internet and the possibilities for making contact, sharing and creating online communities that can be decorated with evocative images, words, and ideas that will make you think, feel and maybe even laugh out loud.

7. Who are we? We all live in Denver, Colorado at the foot of the Colorado Rockies. Maybe it is the thin air, the beautiful scenery or watching too many episodes of South Park, but we all seem to see the world through a different lens and it is reflected in our art work and sense of humor.

8. What things are available here? Everything from simple images, words, phrases, pictures, designs, backgrounds, and photographs, to more complex and interesting abstract art, animations, games, puzzles, quizzes and toys. There are even programs and tools to help you generate your own custom designs and images. By posting these materials you can make your personal internet spaces more attractive and interesting and they will help you make statement about who are, what you think and your vision of the world.

9. How are they used? The images, designs, graphics and materials can be posted on your own web site, blog,  MySpace, or any other social networking site. In other words, you can use them on virtually any place you want on the internet.

10. Is there a cost? You can use all the materials you find on Chroma Luna completely free of charge. The only thing you cannot do with them is sell them or use them commercially.

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